Abu Ja’far, Muhammad bin Ali (as), from Jabir bin Abdullah having said: ‘It was said, ‘O Rasool-Allah! You tend to kiss Fatima (as), and revere her, and be close to her, and deal with her with what you do not deal with any of your other daughters*?’ So he said: ‘Jibraeel came unto me with an apple from the apples of the Paradise. So I ate it, and it converted to the water in my back. Then I went to Khadeeja (as), so she was Blessed with Syeda Fatima. So I keep smelling the aroma of the Paradise from her’.

*Some suggest that “daughters” refer to step daughters.

Sanad: Ahmad bin Al Hassan Al Qataan narrated to us, from Al Hassan bin Ali Al Sakry, from Muhammad bin Zakariyya, from Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Amaar Al Kindy, from his father, from Jabir who said the above hadith

Source: `ilal al-Shara’i`, Volume 1, Chapter 147, Hadith #1 (See Image below)

‘Ayesha came over to Rasool-Allah (sawa) and he was kissing (his daughter Syeda) Fatima (as). So she said to him: ‘You seem to love her a lot, O Rasool-Allah?’ He said: ‘By Allah! If you knew my love for her, it would increase your love for her.
When I ascended to the fourth sky, Jibraeel called the call for Prayer (Azan) and Mikaeel for establishing of it (Iqama), then said to me: ‘O Muhammad, proceed (to lead the Prayer)’. So I said: ‘I proceed, and you are in my presence, O Jibraeel?’ He said: ‘Yes! Allah Preferred His Prophets (as) and the Rasools (as) over the Angels of Proximity, and Preferred you in particular’. So I approached, and Prayed with the inhabitants of the fourth sky. Then I turned to my right, and there I was with Ibrahim (as) in a Garden from the Gardens of the Paradise, and a group of the Angels had surrounded him.
Then I went to the fifth sky, and from it to the sixth. So, there was a Call: ‘O Muhammad! The best of the fathers is your father Ibrahim (as), and the best of the brothers is your brother Ali (as)’.
So when I went to the Veils, Jibraeel grabbed my hand and entered me into the Paradise. So there I was, by a tree whose roots were of Light, two Angels folding garments and ornaments. So I said: ‘My beloved Jibraeel! For whom is this tree?’ So he said: ‘This is for your brother Ali bin Abu Talib (as), and these are two Angels folding for him, the garments and the ornaments up to the Day of Judgement’.
Then I proceeded in front of me, so there I was by dates softer than the butter, and more aromatic in fragrance than musk, and sweeter than the honey. So I took a date and ate it. So the date transformed into a Gift within me. So when I descended to the earth, Khadeeja (as) was Blessed with Fatima (as). Thus, Fatima (as) is a human Hourie. So when I desire for the Paradise, I smell the fragrance of Fatima (as)’.

Sanad: And by this chain, from Muhammad bin Zakariyya, narrated by Umar bin Umran, from Ubeydullah bin Musa Al Absy, from Jabalat Al Makky, from Tawoos Al Yamani, from Ibn Abbas who said the above hadith

Source: `ilal al-Shara’i`, Volume 1, Chapter 147, Hadith #2 (See Image below)


Abu Abdullah (as) said: ‘Tooba – a tree in the Paradise in the house of Amir-ul-Momineen (as). And there is none from his Shias except that in his house would be a branch from its branches. And the leaf from its leaves can shade under it a community from the communities’.
And he (as) said: ‘Rasool-Allah (sawa) frequently used to kiss Fatima (as), so Ayesha disliked that. So Rasool-Allah (sawa) said: ‘O Ayesha! When I was ascended with to the sky, I entered the Paradise. So Jibraeel took me close to the Tooba tree, and took for me from its fruits, so I ate it. So, Allah Converted it to water in my back. So when I descended to the earth, I was with Khadeeja (as), so she was blessed by Fatima (as). Therefore, I do not kiss her at all, except that (every time) I find the aroma of the Tooba tree from her (as)’.

Sanad: Ali bin Ibrahim said, ‘My father narrated to me, from Al Hassan bin Mahboub, from Ali bin Ra’ib, from Abu Ubeyda who said the above hadith

Source: Tafseer al-Qummi, Volume 1, Page 365 (See Image below)


Abu Ja’far, Muhammad bin Ali (as), from his father (as), from his forefathers (as) having said: ‘Rasool-Allah (sawa) was seated one day when Umm Ayman (ra) came over to him in a good dress. So Rasool-Allah said to her: ‘O Umm Ayman! Which thing are you dressed in?’ She said, ‘O Rasool-Allah! So and so, daughter of so and so had owned it, so she displayed it and I took something from her display’.
The Umm Ayman (ra) wept, so Rasool-Allah said to her: ‘What make you weep?’ So she said, ‘Fatima got her married, so she (the daughter of so and so) did not display (gift) upon her anything’.
So Rasool-Allah (sawa) said to her: ‘Do not weep! By the One Who Sent me with the Truth as a Giver of Good News and a Warner, the possession of Fatima (as) are witnessed by Jibraeel, and Mikaeel, and Israfeel among a thousand from the Angels. And Allah has Commanded Tooba, so it displayed to them from its garments, and its silk, and its brocade, and its gems, and its emeralds, and its sapphires, and its perfumes. So they took from it to the extent that they did not know what to do with it. And Allah has Made Tooba to be in the dowry of Fatima (as), and it is in the house of Ali bin Abu Talib (as)’.

Sanad: al-Ayyaashi, from Amro bin Shimr, from Jabir who said the above hadith

Source: Tafseer al-Ayyaashi, Volume 2, Page 227, Hadith #46 (See Image below)

The prophet (sawa) was kissing Fatima (as) frequently, and for this reason Aisha reproached him for doing so. She said: “O Messenger of Allah (sawa) you are kissing her too much!” He replied her: “Woe to you, when I was in ascension to the heavens, Gabriel passed me by the Tooba tree. Then he gave me one of its fruits and I ate it. Then Allah made that into my seed. Once I landed on earth, I approached Khadeeja (as) and she became pregnant with Fatima (as). Since then, whenever I kiss Fatima, I smell the tree of Tooba from her.

Sanad: Al-Ayyaashi from Aban bin Taghlib who said the above hadith

Source: Tafseer al-Ayyaashi, Volume 2, Page 227, Hadith #47 (See Image below)


Some of the wives of the Prophet (sawa) said: O Messenger of Allah (sawa) why do you love Fatima (as) more than anyone else amongst your family? To which he (sawa) replied: when I was in ascension to heaven Gabriel finished the way to the Tooba tree. He picked out a fruit from the tree, rubbed it with his fingers and fed me the fruit. Then he wiped his hand between my shoulders and said: O Mohammed Allah the Blissful and Almighty bodes you of Fatima from Khadeeja bint Khuwailed (as). Once I landed on earth and we did what we did, Khadeeja (as) got pregnant with Fatima (as) and whenever I long for paradise I bring her close to me and smell the perfume of heaven because she is a Human Houri.

Sanad: Furaat al-Kufi from Salman Al Mohamadi (ra) who said the above hadith

Source: Tafseer Furaat al-Kufa, Page 211 (See Image below)