Although the blood of anyone who wages war against the Rightful Caliph and Imam of the time is Halal, and can be killed – or taken captive – we ask the question: why did Ali (as) allow the lady who led the army against Ameer Al-Mu’mineen (as) to return home without harm?

حدثنا محمد بن الحسن رضى الله عنه قال: حدثنا محمد بن الحسن الصفار عن احمد بن محمد بن عيسى، عن علي بن الحكم، عن الربيع بن محمد، عن عبد الله ابن سليمان قال: قلت لابي عبد الله ان الناس يروون ان عليا ” ع ” قتل أهل البصرة وترك أموالهم، فقال: ان دار الشرك يحل ما فيها، ودار الاسلام لا يحل ما فيها فقال: ان عليا ” ع ” إنما من عليهم كما من رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله على أهل مكة وإنما ترك علي ” ع ” أموالهم لانه كان يعلم انه سيكون له شيعة وان دولة الباطل ستظهر عليهم فاراد ان يقتدى به في شيعته وقد رأيتم آثار ذلك هو ذا يسار في الناس بسيرة علي عليه السلام ولو قتل علي ” ع ” أهل البصرة جميعا واخذ اموالهم لكان ذلك له حلالا لكنه من عليهم ليمن على شيعته من بعده

Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said: “Ali (as) had mercy upon them (upon Aisha and her followers) like the Messenger of Allah (sawa) had upon the people of Mecca (in the conquest of Mecca where he spared the lives of the likes of Abu Sufyan, although he had the authority to kill them). And Ali (as) left it (killing them) because he knew that he would have Shia’s and that the regime of falsehood shall rule upon them, so he wanted to be taken as an example (by his enemies) towards his Shia’s – and you have seen the effects of this – and it is still following the path of Ali (as). If Ali would have killed all the people of Basra and taken their property, it would be allowed for him, but he had mercy upon them, so that there would be mercy upon his Shia’s after him!”

Source: `Ilil Al-Shara’i`, Sheikh Al-Sadooq (rh), Volume 1, Page 154 (See Image)


Allahumma Salee `Ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad!