Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: When the Prophet was taken to the heavens in Meraj, he was told, “Indeed Allah, the blessed and exalted will test you with three afflictions to see how patient you are.”
The Prophet replied, “I submit to Your command, O Lord. And I have no power to be patient except with Your help. What are the three tests?”
He was told, “The first is hunger and giving preference to the needy over yourself and your family.”
The Prophet replied, “I have accepted, O Lord. I am pleased with Your Will and I submit to it, I seek Taufeeq and patience from You.”
The second is that you will be belied and you will be in extreme fear for your life. You should spend your wealth, your blood and your soul fighting against the people of disbelief, you should remain patient when you will be harassed by disbelievers and hypocrites and you should remain patient when you will be hurt and wounded in battles.
His Eminence replied, “I have accepted, O Lord. I am pleased with your will and I submit to it and I seek Taufeeq and patience from you.”
He was told, “The third test is that your family will be killed after you. As for your brother, Ali, your Ummah will slander and rebuke him, they will be violent with him, will deprive him and usurp his rights, they will oppress and finally slay him.”
The Prophet replied, “I have accepted, O Lord. And I am pleased (with Your Will) and I seek Taufeeq and patience from You.”
He was told: As for your daughter, she will be oppressed and deprived, they will usurp her rights. He will beat her while she is pregnant. Her sanctity will be breached and her house will be trespassed without permission and she will be humiliated and disrespected. She will find no protector, will suffer from a miscarriage because she will be beaten and she will die as a result of that beating.
The Prophet replied, “Surely we are Allah’s and to Him we shall surely return.” (2:156). I have accepted, O Lord and submit to Your Will and I seek Taufeeq and patience from You.”
Then he was told, “She will have two sons from your brother, one of whom your Ummah will kill fraudulently. They will destroy his garments and ridicule him.”
The Prophet replied, “Surely we are Allah’s and to Him we shall surely return (2:156). I have accepted, O Lord and I submit to it (Your Will) and I seek Taufeeq from You for being patient.”
As for her second son, your Ummah will invite him for Jihad but then they will kill him in helplessness. They will also kill his children and family members who will be with him and they will make his ladies prisoners. He will ask for help from Me but I have already willed his martyrdom and the martyrdom of those with him. His slaying will be a Proof against everyone in the creation. Inhabitants of the heavens and earths will weep and be are restless for him. And the angels, who will not be able to help him, will cry over him.
Then I shall raise a man from his progeny, whose shadow is with me under the Throne and through whom I shall support him. He will fill the earth with justice and equity. His awe will travel with him and he will kill so many that people will doubt him.
The Prophet replied, “Surely we are Allah’s.”
Then he was told, “Raise your head.”
The Prophet said: I looked up and saw a man who looked and smelled better than all people. He had a blessed visage and was wearing clothes of light. Light was emanating from his forehead, from over him and from under him. He was surrounded by several angels who could not be counted except by Allah, the Mighty and Sublime.
Then I asked him to approach me. He (a.s.) came near me and kissed my forehead.
I said: O Lord! Who will this man avenge and for whom will he show his anger and for what reason have You
prepared these angels? You informed me about that which will be inflicted upon my family. You can support them against their oppressors if You will. You have promised victory for me and my family and I await the fulfillment of Your promise.
Indeed I have accepted and am pleased with Your Will and I submit to it and I seek Taufeeq and help from You to
be pleased and patient.
I was told: As for your brother, he will enter the “the gardens are their abiding-place” (32:19) for staying patient. On the Day of Resurrection, I shall establish him as an argument on the creation and I shall authorize him to stand by your Hauz Kauthar where he will distribute water to your friends and your enemies from drinking from it. I will allow him to bring out from Hell anyone who has even an atom of love for you. I will make all of you (the Ahle Bayt) dwell at the same level in Paradise.
As for your son, who will be abandoned and slain and your other son, who will be betrayed and martyred while he will be helpless, I will decorate My Throne with them for having suffered the afflictions which befall them and they will be honored in ways unimaginable by man. So rely on Me.
Also, I shall honor one who goes to his grave, because one who goes to his Ziyarat has performed your Ziyarat and one who performs your Ziyarat has come to My Ziyarat and I surely honor one who performs My Ziyarat.
I will fulfill all his requests and reward him in such a way that everyone will envy him when they see how I dignify him and the honor which I have prepared for him.
As for your daughter, I will make her stand besides My Throne and she shall be told, “Indeed Allah has appointed you as the ruler over His creation. Hence rule in any way you want regarding those who oppressed you and your children, for your ruling will be executed.”
So she will come to the judgment place and order those who oppressed her to be taken to Hell.
Then the oppressor shall say, “O woe to me! for what I fell short of my duty to Allah” (39:56) and he will wish to return to life. “And the day when the unjust one shall bite his hands saying: O! would that I had taken a way with the Apostle. O woe is me! would that I had not taken such a one for a friend!” (25:27-28). And “Until when he comes to Us, he says: O would that between me and you there were the distance of the East and the West; so evil is the associate! And since you were unjust, it will not profit you this day that you are partners in the chastisement.” (43:38-39).
The oppressor shall say, “Thou (only) judgest between Thy servants as to that wherein they differ.’ (39:46) or is the judge someone else?”
They will be told, “The curse of Allah is on the unjust. Who hinder (people) from Allah’s way and seek to make it crooked and they are disbelievers in the hereafter.” (7:44-45).
Imam (a.s.) continued: The first judgment will be between Mohsin Ibne Ali (a.s.) and his killer – referring to the second usurper. Then he will be brought forth along with Qunfudh and they will be lashed with whips of fire. The whips will be such that if one of them hits the oceans, they will boil from the east to the west and if (even one whip) touches the mountains, they will all melt and turn to ash.
Then Amirul Momineen (a.s.) will kneel before Allah so that Allah judges between him and the fourth usurper – Muawiyah. Then they (the second usurper, Qunfudh and Muawiyah) will be thrown in a well (of fire) which will be covered so no one can see them and they will not be able to see anyone.
So those who followed them (in this life) will say, “Our Lord! show us those who led us astray from among the jinn and the men that we may trample them under our feet so that they may be of the lowest.” (41:29).
Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, will reply “it will not profit you this day that you are sharers in the chastisement.” (43:39). This is when they will scream in distress and call for destruction.
The Two will come to the Pool, (imprisoned) by the Keepers (of Hell) and will say to Amirul Momineen (a.s.), Forgive us, give us some water and save us.”
They will be told: “But when they shall see it nigh, the faces of those who disbelieve shall be sorry and it shall be said; This is that which you used to call for.” (67:27) by referring to yourselves as the commanders of the believers. Return to Hell thirsty. You shall receive no drink but Hamim and Ghislin. So the intercession of intercessors shall not avail them.” (74:48).

Source: Kaamil Al-Ziyaraat, Chapter 108, Hadith #12