Imam Al-Sadiq (as) explains the ranks of the Shi’a, with some incredible lines. May we be considered one of them.

Ja’far bin Mohammed as-Sadiq (a) related: One day, my father and I went out to the mosque. We met some people who were taking the place between the tomb and the mimbar. My father approached and greeted them. He then said: I, by Allah, love you as well as your smells and souls. Hence, help us keep on so by means of your piety and diligence. You should know that the loyalty to us cannot be obtained except by means of piety and diligence.
He who follows someone should imitate his deeds. You are the Shia of Allah, you are the supporters of Allah, and you are the foremost forerunners, the last forerunners, the foremost to the love for us in this world, and the foremost to win Paradise on the Last Day.
I have guaranteed Paradise for you, for the guarantee that is granted by Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He, and the Prophet (s). You are the highborn and your women are the highborn. Each believing female will be woman of Paradise, and each believing male will be veracious.
More than once, Amir ul-Mu’minin (a) said to Qanbar, ‘Be happy and announce this good news. When the Prophet (s) died, he was discontent with all of the individuals of his umma except the Shia.
Everything has a handle. The handle of the religion is the Shia.
Everything has its honor. The honor of the religion is the Shia.
Everything has a master. The master of the sessions is the sessions of the Shia.
Everything has a leader. The leader of this earth is the land on which the Shia live.
Everything has desire. The desire of this world is our Shia’ living in it.
By Allah I swear, had it not been for your existence on this earth, your dissidents would not have enjoyed the pleasures of their fortunes.
Nevertheless, they will not have anything in the world to come. Any Nasibi, no matter how diligently he worships and works, is included in this Verse: “On that day, the faces of some people will be humbly cast down, troubled and tired as a result of their deeds in the past. They will suffer the heat of the blazing fire.” (26:2-3) The response of the prayer of your dissidents is yours.
Anyone of you who asks one request from Allah will have one hundred requests settled. Anyone of you who asks one question will have one hundred questions answered. Anyone of you who supplicates to Allah once will have the reward of one hundred supplications. Anyone of you who acts one good deed will have it doubled many times. As for anyone of you who commits an evil act, Mohammed (s) will be his advocate.
By Allah I swear, the fasting ones among you will luxuriate in the gardens of Paradise and the angles keep on praying for them to win (Paradise) until they break their fasting. You all are surely the people of the advocacy and the loyalty to Allah. You will not have fear and will not be grieved. You all will be in Paradise; hence, compete with each other in doing good acts. After us, no one will be nearer to the Divine Throne of Allah than you will on the Day of Resurrection. Allah’s reward to you will be excellently great.
Were it not for that you might fail, suffer your enemies’ gloating over you, and people might not accept it for you, the angels would greet you in groups.
Amir ul-Mu’minin (a) said: On the Day of Resurrection, the people of our divine leadership will leave their graves with bright faces and delighted eyes. They will be granted security. While all people will be fearful, they -the Shia- will not be fearful. While all people will be grieved, they will not be grieved.
O Mohammed bin al-Hasan bin al-Waleed (r) reported to me this narration after he had related it to al-Hussein bin al-Hasan bin Eban, al-Hussein bin Saeed, Mohammed bin Abi Umair, Ali bin Abi Hamza, and Abu Bassir respectively. Although the contents are nearly the same, this narration includes some paragraphs, which were not in the other one.

Source: Fadha’il Al-Shi’a, Sh. Sadooq, Hadith #8 (See Image)