Abu Baseer said: “I entered upon Um Hameeda to console her for the passing of Abu Abdillah (as) [Imam al-Sadiq (as)], and she cried and I cried because of her crying.
She then said: “Oh Abu Muhammad, If you saw Abu Abdillah (as) at his death, you would have seen something extraordinary. He (as) opened his eyes and said: “Gather all of my relatives. “”
She then said: “We gathered them all and did not leave anyone out. He (as) then looked at them and then said: “Indeed, our intercession does not benefit the one who belittles his Salah.“”

Note: Belittling Salah may include things like not making it priority, delaying from praying at its prime time, choosing to arrange plans and events knowing one will miss or delay his Salah, not feeling regret if one misses morning prayers, or not attempting to focus during the prayers.

Sanad: Muhammad bin Ali al-Maajilawayah, from his uncle, from Muhammad bin Ali al-Qurashi, from ibn Fadhaal, from al-Maythami, from Abi Baseer who narrated the above hadith

Source: `aqaab al-‘a`maal, Sh. al-Sadooq, Hadith #104 (See Image below)

Grading: al-Shaikh Ahmed al-Maahoozi says the chain is Hasan like Sahih (Good like Authentic) (See Image below)