An authentic hadith where a man recites a poem in honour of Imam al-Hussain (as) in the middle of the night, and a response with poetry from Imam Hussain (as) on the way to Karbala:

حدثني أبي رحمه الله ، عن سعد بن عبد الله ، عن أحمد بن محمد ابن عيسى ، عن معمر بن خلاد ، عن الرضا ( عليه السلام ) مثل ألفاظ سلمة ، قال : وهو يقول :
يا ناقتي لا تذعري من زجر * وشمري قبل طلوع الفجر بخير ركبان وخير سفر * حتى تحلي بكريم القدر بماجد الجد رحيب الصدر * اثابه الله لخير امر ثمة أبقاه بقاء الدهر
فقال الحسين بن علي ( عليهما السلام ) : سأمضي وما بالموت عار على الفتى * إذا ما نوى حقا وجاهد مسلما وواسى الرجال الصالحين بنفسه * وفارق مثبورا وخالف مجرما فان عشت لم اندم وان مت لم ألم * كفى بك موتا ان تذل وترغما
Imam Redha (a.s.) said: Imam Hussain (a.s.) was traveling to Iraq, when he heard a man recite this poem in the middle of the night:
O camel, do not fear my scolding and break out before the rising of dawn.
Carry me to the best of riders on the best of journeys until you arrive at the most honorable place.
Carry me to Hussain, whose grandfather is the most glorious and Hussain (a.s.) is the most magnanimous.
Indeed, Allah has chosen him for the best of affairs.
May he remain until the end of time!
Imam Hussain (a.s.) replied by the following:
I shall go towards death and there is no shame for a man in death as long as his intentions are based on truth and he fights Jihad as a Muslim.
There is no shame in death for the valiant as long as they support the righteous, fight the criminals and abandon the criminals.
Thus if I live, I shall not have any regrets and if I am slain, I will not be blamed.
Nothing is more humiliating than living under humiliation of oppressors.

Source: Kaamil al-Ziyaraat, Chapter 29, Hadith #7 (See Image below)

Grading: Reliable according to al-Mohsini [Mu’jim al-Ahadeeth al-Mu`tabarrah, Volume 2, Page 227-228]