Although Muslims do not celebrate Easter per se, we take this opportunity to remember the humility of Jesus son of Mary, and his love of teaching through parables.

Jesus son of Mary who has said the following to his disciples: “‘O disciples, I need your help so help me.’ They replied, ‘Your request is granted, O Spirit of Allah.’ Jesus then got up and washed their feet. To this the disciples said, ‘We should have served you O Spirit of Allah.’ Jesus then said, ‘The people who must serve others are the scholars. I acted in this humble way so that you will act among people in the humble way I acted before you.’ Jesus then said, ‘It is with humility that wisdom is established but not with arrogance, just as plants grow in plain, soft ground but not on hard ground and rocks.’”

Source: al-Kafi, Volume 1, Chapter 5, Hadith #7 (See Image below)


This amazing lesson is also found in the Bible.