‘Abu Abdullah (as) has said: ‘There was a worshiper in the Children of Israel who never got involved with anything from the affairs of the world. Iblees grunted a grunt, and his army gathered towards him. So he said, ‘Who is the one for me for that one?’ One of them said, ‘I am for him’. So he said, ‘From where you will come to him?’ He said, ‘From the aspect of the women’. He said, ‘This is not for him. He will never be tempted by the women’.
Another one said to him, ‘I will be for him’. So he said, ‘From where will you come to him?’ He said, ‘From the aspect of the drink and the pleasures’. He said, ‘This is not for him. This cannot be by this’. Another one said, ‘I will be for him’. He said, ‘From where will you come to him?’ From the aspect of the righteousness’. So he said, ‘Go, for you are the master of it’. So he went to the place of the man. He settled himself near him and Prayed.
He (swt) said: ‘And the man used to sleep, and the Devil would not sleep, and he would rest, and the Devil would not rest. So the man turned towards him and belittled himself, and considered his deeds as short and small, so he said, ‘O servant of Allah (swt)! With what thing do you get your strength from to perform these Prayers?’ He did not answer him. Then he repeated to him. He still did not answer him. Then he repeated it again to him, so he said, ‘O servant of Allah (swt)! I committed a sin, and I am repentant from it. So now whenever I remember the sin, it gives me strength for the ‘Salat’ (Prayers)’.
He said, ‘Inform be about your sin until I understand it, and I can repent if I were to commit it in order to derive strength for the Prayers’. He said, ‘Enter the city and ask around for so and so female prostitute. Give her two dirhams, and benefit from her’. He said, ‘I do not know where I would get two dirhams from?’ So the Devil took two dirhams from under his feet and gave these to him. So he stood up and entered the city wearing his robe, asking around for the house of that prostitute. The people guided him thinking that he is going there to advise her, so they guided him.
So he went to her and threw the two dirhams at her and said, ‘Stand up’. So she stood up and entered inside her house, and she said, ‘Enter, and you have come to me in a dress which no one has come to me wearing the like of it. So, inform me of your news’. So he informed her. She said to him, ‘O servant of Allah (swt)! The avoidance of sin is easier than repenting for it, and every repentant person does not find it (accepted). But rather, it is befitting that he is a Devil who looks like you. So leave, for you will not see anything’.
So he left, and she died that very night, and there was found written on her door, ‘Be cautious of this one, for she is from the inhabitants of the Paradise!’ The people became suspicious, so they waited for three days and did not bury her due to their doubts in her matter. So Allah Mighty and Majestic Revealed unto a Prophet (as) from the Prophets (as) unknown to anyone except for Musa bin Imran (as) that: “Go to her and Pray over her and order the people to Prayed over her, for I have Forgiven her, and Obligated the Paradise for her, for her discouraging My servant from disobeying Me’.

Sanad: Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa, from Ali bin Al-Hakam, from Muhammad bin Sinan, from the one who informed him, the above hadith

Source: al-Kafi, Volume 8, Hadith #584 (See Image below)