Following the article “Why did Imam Ali (as) support Abu Bakr, Umar, And Uthman?“, another hadith where Imam Ali (as) saves a man from oppression – and advices the first two usurpers. Salman (ra) finds it odd that Ameer Al-Mu’mineen would “guide” the two, but Ali (as) explains with an ayah from the Qur’an… and what an ayah it was!

(It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (as) having said: ‘Amir Al-Mu’mineen had judged with a judgement which no one else had judged with it before him, and he (as) was the first one to have judged with it after the Messenger of Allah (sawa), and that was that after the passing away of the Messenger of Allah (sawa) resulting in the command going to Abu Bakr, they came with a man to Abu Bakr who had drunk the wine. So Abu Bakr said to him, ‘Did you drink the wine?’ So the man said, ‘Yes’. So he said, ‘And why did you drink it and it is a Prohibition?’ So he said, ‘When I became a Muslim, and my house was in the midst of a people who were drinking the wine, and they were permitting it, and had I known that it was Prohibited, I would have avoided it’.
He (as) said: ‘So Abu Bakr turned towards Umar, so he said, ‘What are you saying, O Abu Hafs, regarding the matter of this man?’ So he said, ‘It is a dillemma, and Abu Al-Hassan (sa) is (the right man to make judgement) for it’. So Abu Bakr said, ‘O slave, call Ali (as) for us’. Umar said, ‘But he gives the judgement in his house’. So they came over to him and with him was Salman Al-Farsi (ra).
So he (Abu Bakr) informed him (Ali) of the story of the man, and the man related his own story to him. So Ali (as) said to Abu Bakr: ‘Send someone who would go around with him at the gatherings of the Emigrants and the Helpers. So the one who had recited the Verse of the Probition (of intoxicants) to him, so let him testify. So if there does not happen to be anyone who had recited the Verse of the Prohibition to him, so there is nothing upon him’.
So Abu Bakr did that with the man, what Ali (as) said. But no one testified upon him, so he freed his way. So, Salman (ra) said to Ali (as), ‘You have guided them’. So Ali (as) said: ‘But rather, I wanted renewal of the confirmation of this Verse of war booty, “Is He then Who Guides to the Truth more worthy to be followed, or he who does not find Guidance unless he is himself Guided? So what is the matter with you; how are you judging?”’. (10:35)

Sanad: A number of our (Kulayni’s) companions, from Ahmad Bin Abu Abdullah, from Amro Bin Usman, from Ali Bin Abu Hamza, from Abu Baseer who said the above hadith

Source: Furu’ Al-Kafi, Volume 7, Chapter 51, Hadith #4 (See Image)