Hadith Science & Analysis

And whatever the Messenger has given you – take; and what he has forbidden you – refrain from.
(59:7 / Sahih International)

Which night is Laylat ul-Qadr?

There are many hadiths that speak about laylat ul-Qadr, so we shall analyse some of the reliable hadiths to understand which of the night(s) of the Month of Ramadhan it is. 1st Night of the [...]

The Ummah will be separated in 73 sects…

There is much confusion about the hadith regarding 73 sects, and how restrictive the conditions of entering Paradise is. Many taking a hard head literal approach to it, boasting salvation for their “sect” and condemning [...]

Hadiths with no References

There is a new trend where random quotes are being assigned or attributed to the Holy Imams (as). They often come in the form of an image, and are spread across social media – but [...]

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