A phenomenal hadith attributed to Imam Al-Sadiq (as) describing how the Shia should treat their Brothers & Sisters, their merits, and their station in the hereafter.

‘I heard Abu Abdullah (as) saying: ‘When the believers says to his brother, ‘Uff!’ he comes out from his guardianship. If he says, ‘You are my enemy’, one of the two has blasphemed, because Allah Mighty and Majestic does not Accept the deeds from anyone during the reproach of a Believer, and does not Accept from a Believer any deeds whilst he harbours evil in his heart against a Believer.

If the covering is Lifted from the people, so they will see to the Means of what is between Allah Mighty and Majestic and the Believers. Their necks would become submissive to the Believers, and their matters would become easier for them and
they would be obedient to them. And if they were to look at the deeds rejected by Allah Mighty and Majestic, they would say, ‘Allah Mighty and Majestic does not Accept the deeds from anybody’.

And I (the narrator) heard him (as) say to a man from the Shites: ‘You all are the good ones, and your women are the good ones. Every Believing woman is a beautiful Hourie, and every believing man is a truthful one’.

He (the narrator) said, ‘And I heard him (as) saying: ‘Our Shites would be the closest of the creatures to the Throne of Allah Mighty and Majestic on the Day of Judgement after us. And there is no one from our Shites who stand to Pray except that the number of Angels equal to the ones opposed to him Pray for him in congregation for him until he is free from his Salat (Prayer). And the one from among you who Fasts will be enjoying in the Gardens of the Paradise, and the Angels prepare it for him until he breaks the Fast’.

And I (the narrator) heard him saying: ‘You (Shites) are the people Greeted by the Greetings of Allah, and the people Impacted by the Mercy of Allah, and the people Guided by the Protection of Allah, and the people Invited by Allah for being obedient to Him. There is no Accounting for you (Shites), and no fear, and no grief. You are all for the Paradise and the Paradise is for you all. Your names (titles) in our presence are, ‘the righteous’, and ‘the reformers’. And you are the people of the Pleasure of Allah (swt), Him being Pleased with you, and the Angels are your brothers in the good. So if you are striving, they supplicate for you, and if you are in neglect, they strive for you. And you are the best of the created beings. Your houses are gardens for your (living ones), and the graves are the garden for your (deceased). It is for the Paradise that you have been created, and it is in the Paradise that you will be Favoured by, and it is to the Paradise that you are travelling to’.

Sanad: Ahmad Bin Muhammad bin Ahmad, from Ali Bin Al-Hasan Al-Taymi, from Muhammad Bin Abdullah, from Zurara, from Muhammad Bin Al-Fazeyl, from Abu Hamza who said the above hadith

Source: Kitaab Al-Kafi, Volume 8, Hadith #556 of the Volume (See Image)