Imam Ali (as) teaching his son, Muhammad, the du’a to say while making Wudhu.

Abu Abdullah (as) said: ‘Amir-ul-Momineen (as) was seated, and along with him was his son Muhammad, when he said: ‘O Muhammad! Bring me a container in which is water, so I can perform ablution from it for the Prayer’. He (as) took it by his hand then said: ‘In the Name of Allah Who Made the water pure and did not Make it dirty’ (بسم الله الذي جعل الماء طهورا ولم يجعله نجسا). (The Imam then taught Muhammad to recite like this)
Then he (as) washed and he said: ‘Oh Allah! Fortify my loins and Excuse me, and Veil my honour and Prohibit Fire from me’. (أللهم حصن فرجى واعفه، و استر عورتى وحرمني على النار)
Then he (as) rinsed his mouth, so he (as) said: ‘Oh Allah! Dictate to me my arguments on the Day I meet You, and my tongue to speak with Your mention’. (اللهم لقنى حجتى يوم ألقاك، و أنطق لساني بذكرك)
Then he (as) snuffed (the water) and said: ‘Oh Allah! Do not Forbid upon me the aroma of the Paradise and Make me to be from the ones who would smell its aroma and its perfumes’. (أللهم لا تحرمنى ريح الجنة واجعلني ممن يشم ريحها وطيبها)
Then he (as) washed his face and said: ‘Oh Allah! Whiten my face on the Day You Whiten the faces and Blacken the faces, and do not Blacken my face on the Day you Whiten the faces and Blacken the faces’. (اللهم بيض وجهى يوم تبيض وجوه و تسود وجوه ولا تسود وجهى يوم تبيض وجوه وتسود وجوه)
Then he (as) washed his right hand, so he said: ‘Oh Allah! Give me my Book (of deeds) in my right hand, and the immortality in my left hand’. (اللهم أعطني كتابي بيمينى، والخلد بيساري)
Then he (as) washed his left hand, so he said: ‘Oh Allah! Do not Give me my Book (of deeds) in my left hand, and do not make it to be chained to my neck, and I seek Refuge with You from the segments of the Fires’. (اللهم لا تعطنى كتابي بيساري، ولا تجعلها مغلولة إلى عنقي، وأعوذ بك من مقطعات النيران)
Then he (as) wiped upon his head, so he said: ‘Oh Allah! Divert to me Your Mercy, and Your Blessings, and Your Forgiveness’. (اللهم غشنى برحمتك وبركاتك وعفوك)
Then he (as) wiped upon his feet, so he said: ‘Oh Allah! Make me to be steadfast upon the Path on the Day the feet would waver, and Make my quest in what Pleases You from me’. (اللهم ثبتنى على الصراط يوم تزل الاقدام، واجعل سعيى فيما يرضيك عنى)
Then he (as) raised his head towards Muhammad, so he said: ‘O Muhammad! The one who performs his ablution like my ablution, and says similar to my speech, Allah would Created for him, for every drop (of water used), an Angel who would Extol His Holiness, and Glorify Him, and Exclaim His Greatness, and Allah would Write for him the Rewards of that, up to the Day of Judgement’.

Sanad: From him, from Muhammad bin Ali, from Ali bin Hasaan, from Abdul Rahman bin Kaseer

Source: al-Mahaasin, Volume 1, Book 2, Hadith #118 (See Image below)