On the anniversary of the death of Yazid (la) ibn Mu’awiyah (la) – 14th Rabi` Al-Awwal – we remember his Sunnah..

Abdul Wahid Muhammad ibn Ubdoos al-Neishaboori al-Attar – may God be pleased with him – narrated that Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Qutayba, on the authority of Al-Fadhl ibn Shathan that he had heard Al-Reza (s) say, “When they took the decapitated head of Al-Hussein ibn Ali (s) to Sham , Yazid – may God curse him – ordered that it be put somewhere and the tablecloth be spread. He – may God curse him – and his companions started to eat and drink beer. When they finished eating, he ordered that they put the head in a tub in front of his couch and place the chess board over the tub. Yazid – may God curse him – started playing chess with his companions while he was swearing at Al-Hussein (s), his forefathers and grandfather (s) and making fun of them. Whenever he won the game, he drank three mugs of beer. Then he poured down the little bit of leftover beer on the ground right next to the tub in which Al-Hussein’s (s) head was placed. The Honorable the Exalted God will eliminate the sins of whoever sees beer or a chess board and remembers Al-Hussein (s), and curses Yazid and the Aal Ziyad, even if the number of his sins are as many as there are stars in the sky.”

Source: `Uyoun Akhbaar Al-Ridha, Sh. Al-Sadooq, Volume 2, Chapter 30, Hadith #50 (See Image Below)

Tamim ibn Abdullah ibn Tamim al-Qurashi – may God be pleased with him – narrated that his father quoted on the authority of Ahmad ibn Ali Al-Ansari, on the authority of Abdul Salam ibn Salih al-Harawi that he had heard Abul Hassan Ali ibn Musa Al-Reza (s) say, “The first person for whom beer was made during the era of Islam in Syria was Yazid – may God curse him. He was sitting at the spreadout tablecloth with the decapitated head of Al-Hussein (s) there, when they brought him some beer. He drank some and personally served beer to his companions. The God cursed Yazid told his companions, ‘Drink this since it is a blessed drink! If it was not blessed, we would not have been the first ones to drink it with the head of our enemy in front of us, and our tablecloth spread out. We are eating and drinking with perfect calm and peace of mind.’” Imam Al-Reza (s) added, “Whoever is one of our followers should abstain from drinking beer, since it is the drink for our enemies. Whoever does not abstain is not one of our followers. My father (s) narrated that his father (s) quoted on the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib (s) that God’s Prophet (s) said, ‘Do not wear the clothes of our enemies. Do not eat our enemies’ food. Do not follow what our enemies follow. Should you do so you are one of our enemies just as they are.’”

The author of this book (Sheikh Sadooq) – may God have Mercy upon him – said, “What is meant by “the clothes of our enemies” is their military attire. What is meant by “our enemies food” is date wine, beer, mud, any floating (dead) fish, eel, sheatfish[592], scaleless fish, lizard meat, rabbit meat, fox meat, birds that sometimes flap their wings but mostly glide, eggs whose tips are the same, sea locusts which cannot fly, and spleens. What is meant by ‘what our enemies follow’ is going to improper places such as gatherings where they drink wine, parties in which they have forbidden fun, places where they rule not according to what is right, meetings in which they gossip about the Immaculate Imams (s) and the believers, gatherings of the disobedient people, the oppressors, the corrupt ones, the gamblers. (I have heard that drinking a lot of beer will make one drunk. Whatever drinking a lot of will make you drunk, is forbidden to drink, whether you drink a little bit or a lot of it.)

Source: `Uyoun Akhbaar Al-Ridha, Sh. Al-Sadooq, Volume 2, Chapter 30, Hadith #51 (See Image Below)