On the anniversary of the marriage of Ameer al-Mu’mineen and Sayeda Fatima (as), we look at an authentic hadith which describes how these two lights came into union in the Heavens and the Earth:

Ali ibn abi Talib (as) said: “When I decided to get married, I did not dare to tell God’s Prophet (sawa). This issue was on my mind for many days and nights until one day I went to see God’s Prophet (sawa) and he (s) said, “O Ali!” I said, “Prophet of God! Yes.” He (sawa) said, “Are you interested in getting married?” I said, “God’s Prophet (sawa) knows best.” I thought that God’s Prophet (sawa) would marry off one of the women from the Quraysh tribe to me. I was worried that I might lose the chance to marry (the Blessed Lady) Fatima. I did not understand what happened and God’s Prophet (sawa) called me in. I went to see him in the house of Umm Salama (ra). When he (sawa) saw me his face got bright and he smiled such that his white teeth were shining. He (sawa) told me, “O Ali! Here are the glad tidings. The Blessed the Sublime God took care of the issue of your marriage which was on my mind.” I asked, “O Prophet of God! What is the result?” He (sawa) said, “Gabriel descended to me and gave me some heavenly hyacinth and clove gillyflower. I took them and smelled them and said, O Gabriel! What is the occasion for bringing me this hyacinth and gillyflower? He (sawa) said, “The Blessed the Sublime God has ordered all the angels and others residing in Paradise to decorate all the trees, rivers, fruits and palaces in Heaven. He has ordered the winds to blow there with the scent of various perfumes. He has ordered the houri-eyed ones to recite the Chapters of Ta-Ha (No. 20) the three chapters beginning with Ta-Sin (al-Shu’ara, al-Naml, and al- Qasas -No. 26,27,28-) and the chapter of Ya-Sin (No. 36) and the chapter of Ha Mim Ayn Sin Qaf (al-Shura, No.42). The Honorable the Exalted God has ordered the callers to call out, ‘Verily, today is the banquet of Ali ibn abi-Talib. Bear witness that I marry off (the Blessed Lady) Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, to Ali ibn abi Talib. I am pleased with this. These two are one from the other.’”
Then, Almighty God sent a white cloud to pour down some of its pearls, aquamarine, and corundum. The angels then dispersed hyacinth and gillyflower of Paradise. Then, the Blessed the Sublime God ordered one of the angels of Paradise called Rahil -who has no other equal in eloquence among the angels- to read the marriage contract. Then Rahil recited such a marriage contract which no one from the heavens and the Earth had recited before. Then God ordered one of the angels to call out, ‘O My angels and the residents of My Paradise! Express congratulations to the beloved friend of Muhammad Ali ibn abi Talib and the daughter of Muhammad – (the Blessed Lady) Fatima. I have established Blessings for them.’” Rahil said, “O Lord! Are not Your Blessings for them more than what we saw for them in Paradise and considering their rank?” The Honorable the Exalted God said, “O Rahil! Amongst My Blessings for them is My own Love with which I unite them, and establish them as My Proofs for My creatures. I swear by My Honor and Majesty that I will create from them descendants whom I will make My Treasures on My Earth, and as Mines of My Wisdom. By them I will provide My Proofs after My Prophets and Messengers.”
“O Ali! Then give me glad tidings! I will marry off my daughter (the Blessed Lady) Fatima to you as the Merciful God did. For her I am pleased with what God is pleased with. Now take the hands of your spouse as you deserve her more than I do. Gabriel informed me that Paradise and its residents are eager to see you two. Had not the Blessed the Sublime God planned to create Proofs for His creatures from your generation, He would have fulfilled the request of the residents of Paradise regarding you. How good a brother, a groom and a companion you are. God’s Pleasure suffices for you. It is better than anyone else’s pleasure.” Then Ali (as) said, “O my Lord! Enable me to be grateful for Thy favours, which thou hast bestowed on me…”, then God’s Prophet (sawa) said, “Ameen!”

Sanad 1: Abul Hassan Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Shah in Marvrood narrated that Abul Abbas Ahmad ibn Al-Mudhaffar ibn Al-Hussein quoted on the authority of Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Basri, on the authority of Muhammad ibn Sabiq, on the authority of Ali ibn Musa ibn Ja’far (al-Ridha) (s) on the authority of his father (Imam Kazim) (s), on the authority of his grandfather (s) who narrated the above hadith

Sanad 2: The same tradition was narrated by Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Imran ad-Daqqaq – may God be pleased with him, on the authority of Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Zakariya al-Qattan, on the authority of Abu Muhammad Bakr ibn Abdullah ibn Habeeb on the authority of Ahmad ibn al-Harith, on the authority of Abu Mo’awiya, on the authority of al-A’amesh, on the authority of Ja’far ibn Muhammad (as-Sadiq) (s), on the authority of his father (s), on the authority of his grandfather (s), on the authority of his father (s) that Ali ibn Abi Talib (s) said, “I had decided to marry (the Blessed Lady) Fatima (s) but did not dare tell this to God’s Prophet (s).” The rest is as it was narrated before.

Sanad 3: ibn al-Waleed from al-Safaar, from Salamah bin al-Khataab, from Ibraheem ibn Maqaatil, from Haamed bin Muhammad, from Umar bin Haroon, from al-Sadiq (as) from his Fathers, from Ali (as)

Source (Sanad 1 & 2): `Uyoun Akhbaar al-Ridha, Sh. al-Sadooq (rh), Volume 1, Chapter 21, Hadith #1 (See Image below)

Source (Sanad 3): al-Amaali al-Sadooq, Assembly #83, Hadith #1 (See Second Image below)

Grading: al-Mohsini has graded the hadith reliable [Mu`jim al-Ahaadeeth al-Mu`tabarra, Volume 2, Page 204-205 (See Third Image below)]




This of course is all after the rejection of the first two. In the books of the Sunnis we have this hadith:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Buraidah:
It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin Buraidah that his father said: “Abu Bakr and ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, proposed marriage to Fatimah but the Messenger of Allah said: ‘She is young.’ Then ‘Ali proposed marriage to her and he married her to him.”

Sunni Grading: Sahih (Darussalam)
Reference: Sunan an-Nasa’i 3221

Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful believing mothers!